Available Work

AS A CHILD I travelled in Northern Baja but never made it to Baja California Sur until '81 when I sailed my boat, the Aurelle, from the Caribbean thru the Panama Canal to Baja where the desert meets the sea. Viridian waves breaking on clean sandy beaches, the sound booming up the arroyos, the sheer scope of the Sierra de la Laguna towering above the rolling desert and the small pueblos kept luring me back.

I knew at some point I would live here but not until 2008 would I make this my permanent home. The years of 1966 - 2008 spent painting the California coast were a seamless transition to painting in Baja. I always preferred the "dry times" color palette and the air is clearer here. And the space.

I am thankful I was able to experience Cabo before there were paved streets and electricity 24/7. When it was still a fishing village with turtle oil sold on the dusty streets. There was no paved road from Cabo to Todos Santos, only a single dirt track. That feeling is still here but harder to find. I am still looking.